After out tour(s) of Yellowstone, it was time to travel north to Calgary. We were mostly taking this part of the trip to visit family in Calgary, but we did take a few side trips out to see some spots. I’ve been to Banff many time, and camped in Yoho during my 20’s. We also took the inter-range route 93 between Banff and Jasper along which lies the Columbia Ice Fields. It was quite nice to re-visit many of these spots.

After our stay with family, it was time to head home (5 weeks out at this point). We decided to take the trans-Canada highway all the way back to Ontario. It was worth doing — once! — but it can be a very lonely road ;-). The segment along the shore of Lake Superior is very spectacularly beautiful, however!


Yellowstone National Park 2001
Colorado Plateau 2017 Launch!