After we left Mammoth Cave, we were headed to Cloudland Canyon State Park in the North-west corner of Georgia. We took a round-about route as we planned to stay in a hotel in Chattanooga before heading to Cloudland in the early the next morning. I wanted to scout the Cumberland Plateau area so we headed east toward London, Kentucky. It was a beautiful drive through eastern Kentucky and I was struck by the spectacular effect it must have had on early settlers who crossed the Appalachian mountains to see this right land spreading out as far as you could see to the west. From London, we dropped down to Knoxville and spent a little time shopping in the Knoxville REI store. I had been there before, about 30 years previous, so it was a rendezvous with a familiar friend. From Knoxville we headed to Chattanooga, stayed overnight (washed up and enjoyed a nice restaurant meal), and then headed to Cloudland in the early morning.

We checked in to our campsite, set up and then took a small tour of the State Park. Photos of the canyon below:

Mammoth Cave National Park 2018
Chickamauga and Lookout Mountain Battlefield 2018