On the downward, southern, side of Boulder Mountain, UT12 passes through the small town of Boulder and then out along a narrowing mesa top which ends at the ‘Hogback’. The mesa is just slightly larger than the road at this point and I remember the first time I drove this route, I literally thought that the road has washed out. But, actually it just drops down off the mesa through a couple of quick switchbacks.

From there the road travels west towards the Escalante Mesa. After climbing the mesa there is another great view eastwards over the expanse of scarred rock (and very little but rock) through which the Escalante river and numerous creeks flow on their way down to the Colorado.

We did not have too much time to dawdle in order that we make it to Glendale before the sun was down, so I did not stop at Powell point. Powell point offers a great view of the majestic Aquarius Plateau if you are there before noon (eastern light is required). However, I did stop just adjacent to Tropic to take a picture of the Plateau illuminated by the settling sun in the west.


Boulder Mountain 2017
Bryce Canyon National Park 2017