The overnight after our visit was very cold, and we expected worse in the Grand Canyon, but our new comforter made us not care — we were nice and toasty. We packed up camp as soon as the sun was up and headed south to Kanab, UT. In Kanab, we found a nice candidate family restaurant for breakfast — it was a winner with a “Southern Benedict”. What’s that you say? Too much food!!! is the answer — three eggs on a giant slab of ham on two southern style biscuits with southern style white gravy and sausage smothering the whole thing!

After Kanab we headed east towards Glen Canyon — I was actually thinking of crossing the Colorado at Marble Canyon (UT89A), but after the giant breakfast, I was letting the GPS do the thinking and it took us by way of Page (UT89) and the big Hydro Electric Damn. I was also possibly distracted by the Vermillion Cliffs — but I was  not distracted enough to stop and take photos! Sigh…

However when we dropped down towards the Colorado, we did get a nice big panoramic view of the lower reaches of the flooded Glen Canyon (aka Lake Powell) and that view I did capture in a picture!

We continued the trip to the Grand Canyon and took a quick stop at the eastern most view-point — Desert View — before travelling directly to the Village and securing our campground. We set up camp made a fast dinner, a fire, and settled in for the night. Yes, it was definitely sub-freezing, but we had our comforter!


Zion National Park 2017
Grand Canyon 2017