After Las Vegas we headed into Arizona and the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We camped in the Mather Campground and toured the stops on the South Rim by car. The photo above tries to capture some of the scale of the place. The view is toward the north-east. The picture does not, however, make your jaw drop in awe as it will when/if you see this in person.

While we stayed at the Canyon, we took a hike part way down the South Kaibab trail. This trail runs down Cedar Ridge from the top of the canyon wall at Yaqui Point to the Colorado River. We went down the trail about 1500′ in elevation to O’Neil Butte shown in the photo below. You can see the trail continuing down from the bottom centre over to the bottom right of the photo.

That’s all of the pictures! From the Canyon we blasted back to Los Angeles through the Mojave desert. We stayed a day in Los Angeles and then flew home.


Death Valley 1991
New Orleans, Natchez Trace, Smokey Mountains, Washington 1992 - Launch!