From the south rim of the Grand Canyon we made the trip over to the North Rim. This is about a 7 hour drive and takes you way east and north to cross the Colorado River at Marble Canyon.¬†From Marble Canyon we travelled north and west again and finally south to the North Rim. The North Rim is higher than the south by about 2,000 ft. I think it offers the more beautiful aspects of the canyon, but the south is more popular perhaps because it is easier to access. Unfortunately, the North Rim has much less capacity for camping and we did not have a reservation and there was not on-the-spot availability. We left the North Rim and headed north into Utah as the sun set and were treated to spectacular views of the rising “staircase” of the Colorado Plateau. Unfortunately, the sun was extremely oblique and good pictures were not possible — Sigh!


Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim) 2001
Bryce Canyon 2001