After the Petrified Forest, we travelled to Flagstaff to purchase groceries and last minute camping supplies. Then we headed north to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We stayed for three nights at Mather campground and took in the sights of the canyon. Sadly, photographs do not do this incredible land formation any justice at all. None the less here are a few from the trip.

The featured photo above is a panoramic view from the South Rim. The set of pictures were taken from Moran Point and Point Royal on the North Rim is just a little to the left of centre. The Colorado River can be seen to the right making its way into the Grand Canyon area and the Painted Desert can be seen further to the right over the curve of the anticline upon which the park is located. If you are familiar with the park the viewing tower at Desert View is just out of view at the right edge of the picture. This just starts to give the viewer a feeling for the “Grand” scale of the canyon.


Petrified Forest National Park 2001
Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim) 2001