After we had toured Yellowstone, the weather abruptly turned stormy. It was the 2nd week of September, but with the altitude, winter was arriving. The next morning we awoke to the beginning of a snowstorm and we cleared out quick!

We rushed out of Yellowstone and headed south hoping to see the Grand Tetons before the weather set in too much. We were only marginally successful as we brought the weather with us to Jackson Hole.

Here is the storm squall line moving down Jackson Lake just as we were getting there! We did get some glimpses of the Tetons — enough to make us want to come back some day. However, with the weather turning bad we headed back up to Yellowstone and out the east entrance of the park. It was a good thing we did because that night they closed the east entrance due to heavy snow.


Yellowstone National Park 1993
Devil's Tower National Monument 1993