After a rendezvous at Louisville, we dropped down to Elizabethtown to spend the night. While there, we collected groceries and other supplies. Early in the morning we headed south the Cave City and then in to the Mammoth Cave National Park to camp. We had two days to complete two separate tours of the cave — The Natural Entrance Tour and the Domes and Dripstones Tour. Both were multi-hour walking (and climbing) tours and they were both excellent. The camping was excellent too — great sites, wooded and quiet.

I took 100’s of pictures in the cave, but the lighting is very low — of course! — and you can’t use a flash. Given the scale of the cave areas, a flash would not have helped much even if you wanted to get tossed from the tour for a picture! As such, only a few pictures came out very well, but here are a few:


National Museum of the U.S. Air Force 2018
Cloudland Canyon State Park 2018