While we stayed in New Orleans, on top of the fabulous night life in the Quarter, we toured some of the surrounding areas — particularly some Antebellum home along the Mississippi. The two shots below are taken at Nottaway. One is a view of the river from the porch and the other is a view of the house (mansion!) itself. In its heyday, folk would arrive via riverboat to parties held at the home.

We also toured the Atchafalaya¬† swamp (where the Mississippi would flow if not for the Army Corps of Engineers), Vermillion Ville (Cajun country), Avery Island (for you Tobasco fans), and a little place in amongst the bayous near Houma which serves what I believe to be the best corn bread in the south — the Log Cabin. The wooden alligators outside the Log Cabin captured my interest long enough for a photo.


New Orleans, Natchez Trace, Smokey Mountains, Washington 1992 - Launch!
Natchez Trace 1992