After the disappointing weather at the Great Smokey National Park, we headed off to Shenandoah, hoping to take in the fall colours. The weather had turned very cold (sub-zero) and finding a hotel was difficult as there were many folks who had the same idea (both the fall colours and stay out of the cold)! We did, however, end up at Days Inn near New Market.

The park straddles the Blue Ridge between the Shenandoah Valley and the Piedmont area of Virginia. Views of both from the Skyline Parkway running down the length of the park can be quite refreshing and pleasant. We spent the next day taking a leisurely drive down the Skyline parkway to Waynesboro and then back up the I81 to our hotel.

After the fall colour show, we crashed for the evening at the hotel. Early the next morning, we ripped for home! Actually, on the way through Pennsylvania we saw some better fall colours than we had in the Shenandoah, but there you go.

Great Smokey Mountains National Park 1995
Colorado Plateau, Yellowstone, Alberta 2001 Trip Launch!