During our stay at NBF State Park, we made a day-tour south to the Shiloh National Battlefield. Even folks who haven’t learned much about the Civil War have probably heard the name ‘Shiloh’. Mostly from exposure to too many Western movies :-). The battle was fought between U.S. Grant and A.S. Johnston, During the battle, Johnston was killed and PT Beauregard took command. Initially, the Confederate army met with great success and nearly drove Grant to annihilation. However, on the second day of battle Grant was reinforced by Buell’s Army of the Ohio moving in from Nashville and together they forced a Confederate retreat. The death of Johnston shook Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy to the core as he/they viewed Johnston as a critically important military leader. [Note: Robert E. Lee was not held in any repute at this point in the War].

The layout of the park is typical for a battlefield part — a road tour around the major positions and lots of description to help your imagination visualize the lines and flow of the battle(s). I’ve include a few pictures below:


Nathan Bedford Forest State Park 2018
Fort Donnelson - 2018