For our Fall 2018 Camping trip, we chose to take a lowland (alligator) tour of the South-East US. Peter and I picked up a van and packed all of our camping gear and headed south. We travelled by way of Pittsburgh and West Virginia, stopping overnight just short of the Shenandoah Valley. The next morning we were on the road early heading to Charlotte NC to pick up Cathy at the airport. We stayed overnight in the city and had some excellent ‘soul food’ at the Freshwaters restaurant. The next day we were on the road to our first destination — Charleston, SC. We travelled by way of Columbia and set up our camp on the ‘black-water’ Edisto River at Givhan’s Ferry State Park. There was lot’s of good grocery to be had in Summerville and easy access to North Charleston on I-26, or more leisurely access to parts south of Charleston along route 61 (The Plantation tour along the Ashley River).

Our main targets in the Charleston area were Patriots Point and a trip (ferry) to Fort Sumter, a tour of the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown, a visit to the South Carolina Aquarium, and a visit to Charles Towne Landing (oddly, I did not take any pictures here, but it was worth the visit!).


Fort Donnelson - 2018
South Carolina Aquarium -- 2018